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Maternity allowances in the UK – why are they so low?

According to a study conducted by the Trade Union Congress in the UK state taking care of the mother of a child is one of the worst in Europe. Women living in the UK can only count on six weeks’ paid leave honestly. It is worse only in Ireland and Slovakia.

Even in countries such as Croatia, Hungary or the Czech Republic, women can count on much better terms of maternity leave. According to research by the TUC mothers of newborn babies in the UK can only count on six weeks’ paid maternity leave honestly, “which in this case means przynajmiej two-thirds of regular earnings. In theory, live in the UK, young mothers can devote to child care throughout the year, but only by a small part of this period can count on a really solid aid.

Maternity allowances in the UK. The rights of pregnant women

For the first six weeks after the birth of his child, they receive 90% of their salary regular work, but then the sum of the benefits falls to 140 pounds – but only if that 90 % is not less than that amount. This state of affairs continues for another 33 weeks. After this deadline can not count on Statutory Maternity Pay. It is worth noting that in order to receive the allowance, you must be employed with the same employer for 26 weeks (up to 15 weeks before birth), and the weekly rate may not be less than £ 112.

It is worth mentioning about Maternity Allowance. This benefit is usually paid if you do not qualify to receive Statutory Maternity Pay. It can charge the persons who are employed for a total of 66 26 weeks prior to parturition or are self-discharge and a relevant contribution, or 13 weeks in the 66 preceding the date of birth, but in this case, the average income must be at least £ 30 per week.

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What is the situation with other European countries? In Croatia, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic women receive two-thirds or more of their monthly salary for a period exceeding four months. In Estonia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, France, Malta, and Switzerland for at least three months. Of the 24 countries examined by the TUC only in Ireland and Slovakia, it was worse than in the UK.

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