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Outwrite Exhibition


An Exhibition Exploring the Relevance of Outwrite’s Internationalist
Feminist Vision

Outwrite newspaper, produced by a collective of women throughout the 1980s, was dedicated to offering news by women, for women. Self-defined as an ‘internationlist feminist’ publication, the paper focused on ‘the
development of feminism worldwide’ and an examination of women’s oppressions ‘in the context of imperialism, racism and class divisions.’

The goal of this exhibition is to bring Outwrite’s politics alive in the present, to reflect on its struggles and successes with the aim of igniting future possibilities. So far, we have put together a diy exhibition of 10 A3 boards, exploring themes in the paper such as international solidarity, lesbianism, alternative media production and immigration issues.

So far we have exhibited the project at the Zine Fest! at the Women’s Library (24 January 2009) and the anti-capitalist race, gender and class conference at SOAS university (14 Feb 2009) We would love to have the show travel!

Get Involved
We are looking to build on this project and hopefully also get some funding to do oral interviews with members of the collective, as well as to create some more professional display boards. Full project proposal here

We would still love more people to get involved in this project, as researchers, interviewers, conceptual/creative/designers, sound editors, layout designer etc.

If you want to get involved send:
1. your contact info
2. your location
3. general availability