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Feminist advice that every woman should follow

Be economically independent

Financial autonomy is the possibility of generating income that allows us to pay for our expenses. People with economic independence have the ability to make their own decisions and not depend on anyone. Women were not always able to work or manage their own assets. Today, having our own money is a guarantee of freedom and the best protection against a violent couple, a difficult divorce, or an unexpected widowhood. Money, as a source of power, has been elusive for women historically, and having it makes it easier for us to be the rulers of our destinies.

Do not let society make the important decisions in your life.

Women have conquered the possibility of choosing between different lifestyles. For centuries, the fate of women was dictated by society. Now we can decide. What kind of woman do we want to be, what kind of education do we want to receive, what career do we want to build, what kind of couple do we want to have, what kind of family do we want to train, etc. However, many times we do not take responsibility for making these decisions consciously, but we let ourselves be carried away by what society prescribes without really thinking if it is what we want for ourselves. Not a few women thought that they were very free and suddenly found themselves living a life they did not want. Of course, we have the right to make mistakes and correct the course, but life there is only one,

Choose your partner well

One of the most important decisions for women is to choose our partner well. The risk we face is to choose someone perfect on paper but not so perfect in the day to day domestic, choose someone wrong for fear of being alone, or let our hustle hormones decide. We have to take our time and not get caught up in superficial details but look for qualities that respond to what we want in the long term in a stable couple, according to the type of relationship that we aspire to have. In addition, to be sure that we will choose the right person, it is essential to have an honest conversation where we discuss whether we want to have children or not and when.

Stop seeing your body as the enemy

Women are constantly bombarded with images about how our body should be and, as reality rarely matches that mold, we have become accustomed to our body is something against which we have to fight. In addition, it seems that there is a tension between cultivating the body and the mind, and that we have to choose between being attractive or being intelligent, but it is not. Our bodies are the continent of our being; The mind does not exist outside the body. There is no ‘cloud’ of minds. Our brain will work better if we have healthy nutrition and sleep well, and our heart will be stronger and happier if we find a way to exercise the body that produces endorphins and have fun. It is no use to endure hunger and kill yourself in a gym at the expense of our physical, mental and social health.

Learn to say ‘No’ and go on time

Women educate us to please and that’s why it’s incredibly difficult to say no. As we want to satisfy everyone many times we end up with a lot of commitments that steal time and energy from our real interests. It happens to us at home, at work, with friends, with suitors and even with neighbors; Tell them that it does not make us feel selfish and unfriendly. It is okay to be supportive, but the need to please can not be above our personal goals because we could lose track of our plan of life. For the same reason it is equally important to learn to leave and leave behind people and situations that do not allow us to grow: relationships where we can not be ourselves whether they are couples, relatives or friends; Work that bores us or that is not valued; And environments that can put us at risk as a drunk driver, a violent relationship or a bullying boss. To say no and to know how to leave, in many cases can save our lives, literally or metaphorically.

Rate our achievements and participate in the outstanding struggles

To study, to work, to vote, to use contraceptives, to abort, to aspire to public offices, to have a passport, to handle a bank account, to divorce, to leave a party with friends without having to ask permission of anyone … Countless rights women have gone Conquering However, the continuous road and the possibility of losing them is latent. While many of us enjoy multiple privileges, we can not ignore the struggles that remain pending so that all women can have a full life and enjoy their rights without any discrimination: black women, indigenous women, lesbians, Those who live in a situation of disability, girls, Muslims, Afro women, domestic workers, and trans. Each of us, from the place he occupies in society,

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