The ABCs of Prosperity and Abundance and IRS Tax Debt


I first went on record that the U.S. was entering “Japan-like stagnation” in 2006, when high oil prices, legacy costs, escalating commodity and materials prices and a real estate bubble had me worried. (I had warned that the real estate bubble was poised to pop in April of 2005 – which turned out to be right at the high.) Here’s an excerpt of an article I did on this subject from the March 2006 ezine.

Corporations with defined benefit plans are underwater on their pension obligations by a whopping $4.50 billion, while the public sector pensions are drowning by an additional $260 billion (source: Milken Institute). The airline industry has lost approximately $42 billion since 2000 and is carryover $100 billion in debt, according to Ab-port Transportation Association VP.


General Motors lost $8.6 billion in 2005, driven by “poor performance” and legacy costs, according to GM chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner. Clearly the aging, of the U.S. population, alongside escalating medical costs and global competition is wiping out some industries, especially those that provide defined benefit plans to their workers and retirees.


All of the issues we are dealing with today, as a crisis, were evident in 2006. All of the factors I’ve outlined in this book as drags on GDP – the high cost of oil, legacy promises, medical costs – are still critically in need of addressing. There is a lot of talk about cutting spending, but each party covets only part of the solution and eschews other important elements. We must become more educated and united about the key issues that will ensure our collective and personal abundance and prosperity — kicking our oil addiction, getting healthy and fit, helping our businesses and corporations deal with legacy promises that they are having difficulty keeping and educating our population for the jobs of tomorrow. Making it easy for people to start a business cannot carry any nation on its own, although it is absolutely the foundation of freedom and democracy.

Just as you have to address the big-ticket items in your own budget in order to live within your means, the U.S. has to address the big-ticket spending to reduce the debt and balance our own budgets. There is “good debt” that pays off for you personally, and there are also certain national budget items that are investments for our collective future. Energy independence (not fossil fuel addiction), healthy citizens, a business friendly environment and a focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math) education are all investments that pay off, and are the foundation of America. (In the nascent oil industry, we were supplying our own, instead of importing from other countries.) Imagine how fast we could get back on track if every American embraced these reforms in their own lives, on their own doorstep and in their own communities! Collectively, we would be saving trillions of dollars and going a long way to reducing our national debt.

If 1/3 of Americans weren’t obese, we wouldn’t have to spend $2.5 trillion each year on health care. If everyone drove a fuel-efficient car or rode a bike (like they do in Amsterdam), we wouldn’t have to spend $420 billion importing oil and petroleum products each year. That could lead to fewer military engagements in the Middle East, another multi-trillion dollar savings. Now that people are living longer, healthier lives, the golden years can be more productive. When we manage our own financial future, we can do a far better job than handing that over to a corporation that might not be able to compete in a few decades. And so on…

What should I do today if I ace the IRS debt?

If you can’t pay the taxes you owe, the IRS has payment options available. Which option might work for you generally depends on how much you owe and your current financial situation. Each option has different requirements and some have fees.

The most important thing: take action

Most options for paying off a tax debt work best if you are proactive. By taking action as soon as possible, you’ll help ease the burden and keep the IRS from acting to collect the debt.

If you need to file a tax return, you should. You’ll still owe the taxes, whether or not you file.

You should file your return on time, with or without a payment — the IRS can charge penalties for filing late. The IRS also charges daily interest on unpaid tax bills, so the longer you wait, the more interest you will owe.

What you need is a full budget analysis and a sound, long-term strategy that makes fiscal sense for you (not just your bank and their debt collection sales team). Learn more about the legal options that are available to you in the IRS tax help sector. Even if you have been denied before and have received a bad news, there is a way to keep all of your money, and stay in a good financial shape.

No matter who is trying to “help” you, you cannot simply have blind faith. The only thing you can trust these days is results-over a 10-year period. Read more at


Spacey is accused by members of the House of Cards team of sexual abuse

Several current and former members of the House of Cards team accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault and abuse during the series’ production on Thursday, according to CNN.

Eight people who, on condition of anonymity, claimed to have been harassed or sexually abusive by the actor or have witnessed such behavior on the part of Spacey, who since last week has been featured in Hollywood after actor Anthony Rapp accused of sexual assault in an episode in 1986.

A former production assistant for “House of Cards,” which this week suspended indefinitely filming for its sixth and final season after hearing the controversy surrounding its protagonist, said that Spacey sexually assaulted him when the two traveled in a vehicle.

Spacey drove the car when he put his hand on the assistant’s pants, which he said had not consented to the gesture.

“I was in a state of ‘shock.’ He was a very powerful man in the series and I was someone who was far down the food chain,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, as they placed Spacey’s belongings in his personal trailer, the actor cornered the boy and blocked his exit.

“I said, ‘I do not think I’m comfortable with this, I think I’m not comfortable with that,'” the assistant recalled, claiming that the actor, “visibly agitated”, left the trailer, got into the vehicle and left.

“It was a very toxic environment for young men who had to interact with him within the team, cast or extra actors,” he said.

Another member of the “House of Cards” team, who worked on all seasons of the series, said that Spacey played it steadily.

“He would come and massage my shoulders or put his hands around me or touch my belly sometimes and strange ways that in a normal and normal conversation would not be appropriate,” he said.

A former camera assistant claimed to have seen this kind of behavior on the part of Spacey in open spaces and “where everyone saw”.

“Who’s going to believe in a staff member? He’s going to be fired,” he said of the law of silence on the set.

A former production assistant said she knew about Spacey’s inappropriate behavior and claimed to have witnessed the actor pretending to be a joke, squeezed the men’s hands, dragged them to the groin.

Media Rights Capital, the producer of House of Cards, said it was “deeply concerned” after hearing the new charges against Spacey.

Netflix, which broadcasts the series, said it knew of an incident involving the actor, which was resolved “quickly,” but was unaware of other episodes of the same style.

Spacey, winner of two Oscars awards, said last Wednesday through his representative that he will take the time to “seek evaluation and treatment.”


Ecuadorian capital reinforces fight against sexual harassment in public transport

Ecuador’s capital, Quito, has stepped up its fight against sexual harassment by expanding a campaign to protect victims on public transport, which has so far led to four people being sentenced with sentences ranging from one to three years in prison .

Alarming statistics from the UN Women two years ago, the campaign “Bájale al haroso” was born after knowing that 81% of women consider to have been harassed in public transport and 91% in public spaces, according to the president of the San patronato San José, María Fernanda Pacheco.

EFE / Granted by the municipal patronage San José

Pacheco told Efe that public transport has more than a million passengers a day, which means that 70% of the active population uses municipal transport.

Although the booths to receive denunciations placed in certain stations some time ago have given result, it was verified that for being a delicate situation, due to lack of time, by the fear and by shame, the victims did not always present the denunciation. There were 400 in over two years.

Now the word HARNESS and the number of the unit in a free text message by the cell phone to the number 6367 arrives at an operations center that communicates immediately with the driver of the transport and an alarm is activated.

While the loudspeakers announce: “At this moment, a sexual harassment situation has been registered inside this transport unit. We ask the passengers to be alert and respect those who are by their side”, the operations center calls for a prosecutor of the next station and to the metropolitan police.

At the same time, the center will call the victim to continue: not to proceed in legal proceedings, to disembark from the unit and at the next point to be accompanied to make the complaint at that moment or, if desired, to do it later.

EFE / Granted by the municipal patronage San José

“The important thing is that there is a follow-up. On average, it takes us 58 seconds to respond to the caller’s complaint,” said Pacheco, pointing out that 560 cases have already been reported by women, and 24 of them have filed a lawsuit.

At the moment, a 67-year-old Ecuadorian who rubbed his erect sexual organ on the buttocks of a 47-year-old woman is serving a year in prison, the same penalty as a 42-year-old Colombian who ejaculated on the leg of a 16-year- transport.

The controller of a transport unit that touched the breasts and buttocks of a 39-year-old female user is serving 14 months in prison while appealing a three-year sentence against a 35-year-old man who laid his penis on the buttocks of a woman from 22.

The system, which has been in operation since last March, is available on 120 buses, planned for another 220 public transport units and, later, the possibility of denouncing possible cases in taxis through text messages.

Pacheco lamented that one assumes “as normal” the harassing behaviors. “In our city it is absolutely natural, and this has a direct consequence in the high statistics of feminicides, since such behavior in public transport supports others of violence in private spaces,” he explained.

That is why a change of behavior is indispensable, that the cases come to justice. The alarm on the bus promotes citizen awareness and social sanction.

Image result for Ecuadorian capital reinforces fight against sexual harassment in public transport

“About 65% of the reported cases of harassment have told us that people around saw what happened and nobody did anything,” Pacheco said, commenting that this is happening “because it is normal, in large part, or because people are too busy or unwilling to get involved. ”

Pacheco, for whom what is important is that society is involved to break the circles of violence, ensured that the link of the central in response to the message of the victim is aimed at monitoring and protection.

And while the alarm brings about a change of attitude among the public transport passengers, five or six people, psychologists among them, attend the victim: man or woman, who sees messages on the bus as: “If they touch you without permission, if you they look and this bothers you, if they say you rude, denounce! “


This woman has 57 children, but only two of them are real

Silvia Heszterenyiova treats all her children the same way: she dresses, teaches the piano and drinks breakfast with them. It absolutely does not bother her that only two of them are true.

Image result for This woman has 57 children, but only two of them are real

43-year-old Silvia Heszterenyiova from Sydney is the mother of 24-year-old Veronica and 20-year-old Sofia. But when her biological daughters gave her a realistic doll she called Isabella, her life changed.

Now Silvia is a mother of 54 puppets, including redhead Demi, who likes to walk on the beach and Toby, who likes to ride a skateboard. Others of her “children” learn to play the piano and the violin, which they sometimes present playing on the street.

Silvia, who runs a realistic dolls service where she repairs and sells to other women and men like her, takes her “children” to the park or even to the movies. Sometimes he sleeps with them and sleeps them to sleep. Some of her dolls are dressed like Japanese geishas, ​​while others look out of the Victorian era. In addition, Silvia created a doll – Aboriginal.

Each doll created by Silvia is unique and costs from 123 to even 300 pounds. A woman who says the dolls are a “pleasure” for her is already lost and she does not know exactly how much she spent for all these years and how much time she spent on them.

Image result for Silvia Heszterenyiova

Silvia likes to photograph her puppets in various poses, and her photos are published in social media. “People like to look at them. I dress them up for different occasions like Christmas or Halloween,” admits Silvia proudly. Interestingly, sometimes he makes dolls on special orders and they are dolls that look like dead children of the ordering person.

“I used to do a doll for a woman whose child died before childbirth, weighed 740 grams and was 32 cm high.” It was wonderful, “- said Silvia Heszterenyiova.

The woman claims she is not ashamed of what she does because many people repeat her that “dolls are wonderful”. But he regrets not being able to walk with them all because there are just too many of them.


My London Fairytales shares her five favourite places to Instagram in London

Matilde Espírito Santo, aka mylondonfairytales, is a south-west London girl who’s been ’grammin London for the best part of four years. Originally from Portugal, she moved here to do an MA and got into the Instagram game to combine two of her fave things: photos and the capital. Instagram royalty with oodles of followers, her stonkingly beautiful feed is chockablock with fabulous shots of pretty shop facades, flower shops, museums, regal-looking houses, doors, mews, vintage cars and of course, brunch. She shares her five top places to snap around the city.

St Luke’s Mews

‘These Notting Hill mews are one of my favourite places to Instagram in London. Every time I go there, I can’t help myself and I have to take pictures of every single facade. Also, the cutest puppy lives in the pink house: look out for him!’

Hillgate Place, Notting Hill

‘It’s amazing how beautiful, colourful, and peaceful Hillgate Place is, especially considering it’s just round the corner from noisy Notting Hill Gate underground station! The palettes are on point, and if you’re lucky, you can find some really nice vintage cars parked outside the pretty houses (if the Instagram gods are willing, of course).


‘Chelsea is my “If I don’t know where to go, I’ll go there” place. I know I will always find something to take pictures of. There are plenty of nice restaurants and shops around, and it’s the perfect place for a Sunday stroll.’


‘I’ve only recently discovered Chiswick. The place is stunning: the family vibes, the cosiness, the indie bookshops: everything London’s Instagram community loves to take pics of! I took this picture in one of the streets near Chiswick fire station. The contrast of the yellow roses against the blue paint is the perfect “doortrait”.’


‘I absolutely love Hampstead! Maybe it’s because of the brown and yellows tones of the architecture, or just because it’s like a little village in the middle of a massive city!’