This woman has 57 children, but only two of them are real

Silvia Heszterenyiova treats all her children the same way: she dresses, teaches the piano and drinks breakfast with them. It absolutely does not bother her that only two of them are true.

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43-year-old Silvia Heszterenyiova from Sydney is the mother of 24-year-old Veronica and 20-year-old Sofia. But when her biological daughters gave her a realistic doll she called Isabella, her life changed.

Now Silvia is a mother of 54 puppets, including redhead Demi, who likes to walk on the beach and Toby, who likes to ride a skateboard. Others of her “children” learn to play the piano and the violin, which they sometimes present playing on the street.

Silvia, who runs a realistic dolls service where she repairs and sells to other women and men like her, takes her “children” to the park or even to the movies. Sometimes he sleeps with them and sleeps them to sleep. Some of her dolls are dressed like Japanese geishas, ​​while others look out of the Victorian era. In addition, Silvia created a doll – Aboriginal.

Each doll created by Silvia is unique and costs from 123 to even 300 pounds. A woman who says the dolls are a “pleasure” for her is already lost and she does not know exactly how much she spent for all these years and how much time she spent on them.

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Silvia likes to photograph her puppets in various poses, and her photos are published in social media. “People like to look at them. I dress them up for different occasions like Christmas or Halloween,” admits Silvia proudly. Interestingly, sometimes he makes dolls on special orders and they are dolls that look like dead children of the ordering person.

“I used to do a doll for a woman whose child died before childbirth, weighed 740 grams and was 32 cm high.” It was wonderful, “- said Silvia Heszterenyiova.

The woman claims she is not ashamed of what she does because many people repeat her that “dolls are wonderful”. But he regrets not being able to walk with them all because there are just too many of them.

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