Spacey is accused by members of the House of Cards team of sexual abuse

Several current and former members of the House of Cards team accused Kevin Spacey of sexual assault and abuse during the series’ production on Thursday, according to CNN.

Eight people who, on condition of anonymity, claimed to have been harassed or sexually abusive by the actor or have witnessed such behavior on the part of Spacey, who since last week has been featured in Hollywood after actor Anthony Rapp accused of sexual assault in an episode in 1986.

A former production assistant for “House of Cards,” which this week suspended indefinitely filming for its sixth and final season after hearing the controversy surrounding its protagonist, said that Spacey sexually assaulted him when the two traveled in a vehicle.

Spacey drove the car when he put his hand on the assistant’s pants, which he said had not consented to the gesture.

“I was in a state of ‘shock.’ He was a very powerful man in the series and I was someone who was far down the food chain,” he said.

Shortly afterwards, as they placed Spacey’s belongings in his personal trailer, the actor cornered the boy and blocked his exit.

“I said, ‘I do not think I’m comfortable with this, I think I’m not comfortable with that,'” the assistant recalled, claiming that the actor, “visibly agitated”, left the trailer, got into the vehicle and left.

“It was a very toxic environment for young men who had to interact with him within the team, cast or extra actors,” he said.

Another member of the “House of Cards” team, who worked on all seasons of the series, said that Spacey played it steadily.

“He would come and massage my shoulders or put his hands around me or touch my belly sometimes and strange ways that in a normal and normal conversation would not be appropriate,” he said.

A former camera assistant claimed to have seen this kind of behavior on the part of Spacey in open spaces and “where everyone saw”.

“Who’s going to believe in a staff member? He’s going to be fired,” he said of the law of silence on the set.

A former production assistant said she knew about Spacey’s inappropriate behavior and claimed to have witnessed the actor pretending to be a joke, squeezed the men’s hands, dragged them to the groin.

Media Rights Capital, the producer of House of Cards, said it was “deeply concerned” after hearing the new charges against Spacey.

Netflix, which broadcasts the series, said it knew of an incident involving the actor, which was resolved “quickly,” but was unaware of other episodes of the same style.

Spacey, winner of two Oscars awards, said last Wednesday through his representative that he will take the time to “seek evaluation and treatment.”

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